Mitigating Soil Erosion and Runoff Using Oil Palm (Elaisguineensis Jacq.) Geotextile Net


  • Carmelo S. LLanto Agusan del Sur State College of Agriculture and Technology


Geotextile, soil erosion, oil palm (Elaisguineensis Jacq.), sediment yield, runoff


The study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the oil palm geotextile net in mitigating soil erosion and runoff in a 30-degree hillslope gradient. Data were analyzed following the Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD). Results revealed that the oil palm geotextile net significantly reduced the sediment yield and runoff volume. The smaller size of geotextile net was found effective in delaying the onset of runoff as measured from the bottom of the bounded plot. Regardless of the different mesh size, oil palm geotextile net is effective in mitigating hillslopeerosion and runoff.